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Time is our most valuable commodity we just don't have enough of. Most business owners would rather be spending their most valuable commodity increasing profits and not buried under a pile of accounting paperwork. Timely accounting information is crucial to your business, without it you cannot properly run a successful business.

  • Are your profits in the Black or Red?
  • What products/services are most profitable?
  • Are your sales lagging or growing? And why?
  • What are your COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)?
  • Is your overhead expense to high?
  • Do you need sleep and/or stress relief?

Answers to these questions first step is in the accurate and timely input of your accounting information. Using a quality bookkeeping service allows you to take the next step toward data analysis. With information you can better plan for the future.

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List of Services

  • General Bookkeeping Services
    Transaction Recording, Detail Records, Financial Reporting Credit Card and Checking Account Reconciliation
  • General Ledger Reconciliation
    Monthly, Quarterly and or Annual review of the General Ledger. The process is a methodical look and verification of all the account balances listed on the General Ledger.
  • Financial Statement Reporting
    We will provide you with timely and accurate financial reports, which includes the Profit/Loss Statement (income statement) and Balance Sheet.
  • Job Costing
    Job costing paints a picture to why you are or are not profitable. For example your company may show a 10% net profit for the year, but of your projects which ones hit there budget, exceed the budget or came under the budget. Then the most important question is WHY?.
  • Budget Tracking
    It is important to track where you are so that you can make timely and necessary adjustments as the year unfolds.
  • Cash Management
    As a business owner or manager you know that Cash is King. We can help you create a reliable system to track incoming cash and the inevitable out flows of cash.
  • Fixed Asset Management
    A company's fixed assets can be a large expenditure for most businesses, we will help your business properly maintain these records.
  • Inventory Audits
    Nothing is worse than thinking you have a strong profit just to find out that your inventory number isn't what you thought it was. Audits throughout the year are must and creating inventory controls is even more important.

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